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Credit Expert (CreditExpert) is the most popular credit report available that arises from Experian who is the most popular UK credit reference agency. The Credit Expert site at was registered in 2001. Experian itself launched in 1996 when there was a merge between the CCN Group and TRW Information Systems & Services. Equifax is the agency that is used by the most lenders and so the data that they have is the most comprehensive. As an agency, they are larger and do make higher profits than their main rival Equifax. Access to the Experian Credit Report and Experian Credit Score can be granted on a free 30 day trial with Credit Expert. Just to add, although they term their brand as CreditExpert, the majority of searches made for them are as Credit Expert.

The Credit Expert cost after this trial will be £14.99 per month with identity protection insurance making up £6.40 out of this £14.99 charge. Their competition of course stems mainly from Equifax and also from CallCredit with their Noddle service being a notable report since it is of course free. The data as noted here is impressive and many of us will be very interested in finding out our personal Experian Credit Score that will range from 0 to 999. The site has built in account login and SSL is used here. Although you can freely pick up basic information via the £2 Statutory Credit Report at Experian, there is no other way to receive Experian credit report data since CheckMyFile for example only show their public data.

Credit Expert