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Community Payday is a release of Web Loans Processing Ltd that runs a range of further short term loan brands in the UK today. Web Loans Processing is most commonly associated with the Toothfairy Finance company with a recently featured brand from them being the Easy Finance Club. The Community Payday loan site is headed at that was devised in 2011. There was an update in the summer of 2012 that would likely be the time that they launched (there are no specifics detailed on their about page). The Community Payday loans can range from £100 to £400 with the term range sitting from 7 to 28 days. Over the period of 7 days, a £100 sum would cost £17 based on their loan calculator.

It states on the main page that there is a charge of £12 over 7 days per £100 and so this additional £5 on the calculator is in place as their faster payment fee. The Community Payday loans site that is headed at has a catchy design and is equipped with an account login and SSL. For any support, you can reach this lender on the number of 0843 381 0555. One thing of note is regarding their 7 day charge of £17 per £100. At their sister-brand (Toothfairy Finance), this charge is improved at just £9 per £100. A notable quality of Community Payday is their apply by SMS feature that is available to all existing customers. SMS requests do incur further charges though.

Community Payday