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CheckMyFile (Check My File) is a popular credit monitoring service that can be reached at the address of This is a service from Credit Reporting Agency Ltd that arrived in 1999, whilst CheckMyFile followed the year after in 2000. This is of course not a credit reference agency, but a service that retrieves data from multiple agencies. This multi credit reference agency report takes data from CallCredit and Experian with the data from Experian being public. I assume that Experian keep their data private since they don’t want to give anyone an inch over their own Credit Expert service that is the most popular credit report on the market. The CheckMyFile service provides very thorough information that will include 7 credit scores and identity theft assistance.

You will be able to try out their service on a free 30 day trial. The cost will then be £7.99 each month, although you can alternatively take a one-off report of their hands at the price of £19.99. The account management is built within that is SSL secure and has a great design. This is a valuable service and they deserve praise for the indepth information provided, but they do recommend credit cards and loans based on your personal score and will earn commissions for any converted leads. I don’t think this is the right way to go, considering that they are already charging fees for their service and it also shows bias towards partnered companies. Noddle recommends financial services themselves, but they of course provide reports for free.