CFO Lending (Capital Finance One) @

CFO Lending (CFOLending) is a brand from CFO Lending Ltd located at that arrived recently in 2012. This looks to have been a relaunch since they have operated years before this separately under the Capital Finance One name that CFO of course stands for. Elsewhere, they also provide loans under their Payday First alias. The available payday loans here range from £75 to £600. The current charge in place stands at £36 per £100 with an optional same day transfer costing £15. This £51 per £100 same day charge does certainly sit on the expensive side. The interest prices have changed on a frequent basis with possible cheaper loans previously being available at the alternative Payday First brand, however the costs are now exactly the same.

There has never been CFO Lending promo code released to discount the fast transfer fee and so the slower transfer option is the attractive option to proceed with. Although SSL encryption is used, the site doesn’t come with account login built into the site and so it will be difficult to manage new loans, organise extensions and so on. Should you wish to contact them, you can do so at or by phone on 0208 045 1380. The Capital Finance One and CFO Lending terms do carry popularity and so this company certainly has history, but the overall cost for a same day loan is what sets them back. Elsewhere, they appear to be a good outfit and promise an instant decision with no required paperwork.

CFO Lending (Capital Finance One)