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Cash Window (CashWindow) is a new name in payday lending that launched recently at in the later stages of 2013. This is actually a fresh rebrand for Early Pay Day Loan who are also well known as EPDL. This is the second high profile lender to start over with the other of course being the transformation of TxtLoan to MyJar. EPDL has been trading since 2003 and so this company stands as one of the industry’s most experienced lenders today. The Cash Window loans site has an excellent design that is a big improvement to their previous site that didn’t receive too many updates over the years. An optional 3 month term has now been added, but pretty much everything else has remained the same with them.

Early Payday Loan Ltd was acquired by Albemarle & Bond Holdings Plc in 2012 and so you can receive these loans in around 200 stores. Applications are securely taken at and a customer login is provided. The same monthly interest rate of 25% is in place whilst for the 3 month term you pay 19.99% monthly. Same day transfers are included for free. £100 to £400 is available over the month and £500 is set for the 3 month term. If you have used EPDL before then you will have access to £1000. Their contact number is 0845 653 1365 or you can reach them via email at As before they still trade from Monday to Friday (from 9am to 5pm) and so there is no weekend coverage.

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£25 per £100 (25%) = 0.833% daily (#5 for payday loans).

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