Cash Finance Direct (Horizon Finance) @

Cash Finance Direct (CashFinanceDirect) carries a fair amount of popularity online with them carrying some feedback on the top consumer forums regarding applications made with them and expensive calls. There is a site at this time ( that although carrying the name looks to be owned by a separate company based in the Cayman Islands. This is a blank page at this time. From studies conducted, Cash Finance Direct looks to be part of Horizon Finance that takes applications at and so this site has been referenced here. Horizon Finance is a loan broker that states that they work with a range of leading lenders. There isn’t much information provided by them surrounding their company, but I do believe that they are based in South Manchester.

There is an application form at although this is not SSL secure. When making an application here, I assume that they then require verification by phone. The alarm bells ring from a note on their site stating that they have a premium rate number of 0800 195 1980 that is charged at £1.53 per minute. They do state that they have a guarantee in place to refund these call charges though. There is no reference to Cash Finance Direct on the Horizon Direct site and they provide no details regarding their loans such as the available figures, the charges etc. Other brokers and lenders in the UK don’t require expensive calls to be made to them and so you may wish to move to another company.

Cash Finance Direct (Horizon Finance)