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Cash Central (CashCentral) is an established payday lender in their home country of the USA that is a part of Direct Financial Solutions LLC. They have recently moved into UK territory at that dates back to 2000 although an update was made a few months into 2012 that looks to have been the local launch. The Cash Central loans site is well presented, but some of the information is unclear at this time. They for example state that the available sums depend entirely on the income level, providing no ranges. Within their fees section though they provide cost breakdowns for between £100 and £600 that may be the available sums. The interest charge will be set over the month at 25% (£25 per £100).

There is also a small same day transfer fee of £1 that is a reasonable charge in place. The site is fully secure and a customer login feature is provided. A nice touch in place here is Premiere Membership that is granted once the customer has repaid 5 loans. After this they will receive a 10% saving on all further loans taken, as well as other perks. The Cash Central contact number is 0808 234 5929 with a form being provided for email support. They hold membership with the BCCA trade association. This monthly lender has found great success in the USA, but whether they can make the same splash locally remains to be seen. The costs certainly are competitive, particularly when you have earned their loyalty bonus.

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£26 per £100 (26%) = 0.867% daily (#8 for payday loans).

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