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The Capital One credit card will be the focus here that is headed under the name of the Capital One Classic that is available as a MasterCard (there was a Visa, but this has been removed by them now). They additionally provide the Capital One Secured although this is a credit building card with a small limit of £200. Outside of bad credit, they have others cards with their Aspire range being their prime product. Capital One at are locally based in Nottingham and are headquartered in Virginia, USA. They launched here in the UK in 1996, although the company was formed in 1988. The card is issued by themselves as Capital One (Europe) Plc that is part of Capital One Financial Corporation.

There are many competitors catering credit cards for bad credit such as Aqua, Barclaycard and Vanquis, but Capital One is the key player having served over 3 million customers in the UK and 40 million customers globally. The Capital One Classic MasterCard stands at 34.9% APR and carries a credit limit between £200 and £1500. You can run your account online at that is SSL secure. The Capital One contact number is 08444 812 812 with there not being an email since they can’t send confidential data this way. They are a member of the CSA trade association. A bad credit history that may have included for example CCJs may still allow you to qualify for a Capital One credit card.

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Capital One Credit Card