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The Credit Expert (from Experian) and Equifax credit reports have previously been covered here. Today the focus will shift to CallCredit (Call Credit) that is a part of CallCredit Information Group. This is the third most popular credit reference agency that launched in 2000 with this company being based in Leeds. This agency was originally devised by Skipton Building Society who have now moved on. Although the local site is headed at, the available paid report will be available at A further free report is available at that will be covered in a later posting. CallCredit Check itself looks to have been setup in 2010 with the cost being set at £12 per quarter (£4 per month). There is no free trial provided here.

Not many lenders of course use CallCredit and so the report received will not be as comprehensive as it will be with the majors. This paid service has also been overshadowed recently by Noddle that arises from the same company and is completely free to use. The difference between CallCredit Check and Noddle appears to be that you will be provided with identify theft alerts and a detailed score will also be accessible. Account login is in place at that is does use SSL security. The data provided by Experian is Equifax are both more comprehensive and can be attained at no cost on a free trial. This is why CallCredit Check lacks popularity at this time, although their Noddle service certainly deserves high praise.

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