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BishBoshDosh is a fresh face in the payday loan industry that launched in 2012 at the address of The BishBoshDosh payday loans are being introduced here, although they also offer logbook loans on the same site that can be taken up to £30,000. You can apply for between £100 and £400 when you first arrive with £1000 being possible once you have repaid back loans to them. These BishBoshDosh loans generally work around your next payday and so £100 over 30 days would cost a little under 1% daily at £29.58. Slow funding is free, but if you want same day funding then you will have to pay £3 that is a reasonable price for a Faster Payments Service transfer.

I haven’t seen this lender advertised online, but I believe they have ran a Heart Radio campaign. The application taken at is secure and once you join up you will be able to manage your loan at any time. If you wish to contact them, then you can do so on the number of 0844 995 9772 or you can alternatively reach them by email at From scanning through the site, I couldn’t find any confirmation surrounding their operational hours. I would assume that delays would be seen when applying over the weekend. Overall, this will be an interesting new company to follow. Their rates are good, but there are still a dozen or so monthly lenders that offer cheaper rates.