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AutoMoney (Auto Money) is one of the newer logbook loan lenders on the market that launched back in the year 2009. They have been growing quickly within this short space of time though in light of the frequent TV ads that have been shown over the past few months. AutoMoney is a trading name of Quick Click Loans Ltd and is focussed on logbook loans although they do also have a small section catering cash for gold on their site. AutoMoney loans can range from £100 to £5000 with there being a monthly charge of 20% and so that would equate to £20 per £100. You must also factor in their document fee that is required and will set you back £25.

From studying their listed branch locations, they look to have around 30 at this time, but they also have a large range of “Meeting Points” in place to aid coverage. The site has a vibrant design, but does lack account login and the application will not be SSL secure either. This a trusted company though that holds membership with the CCTA. AutoMoney also headlines that there will be nothing to pay on the loan for 60 days although you would expect this to be only ran for those that have extended terms. You can reach this Bournemouth-headed company on the number of 08000 28 27 26. Poor credit including CCJs may be ok, those previously made bankrupt may qualify and being self employed shouldn’t be a problem.

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