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Argos was founded in 1973, although their roots can be traced back to 1958. This company that is part of Home Retail Group Plc is one of the leading UK retailers operating at with only Amazon really outshining them today. The button for the Argos Credit & Insurance department is listed at the bottom of their site, but it is catered on the same domain and once reached headlines various financial products. The Argos Credit Card is not to be confused with the Argos Card that is a store card issued by Argos Card Services where the login is controlled at The product in question is headlined as a credit building card and it is issued by Vanquis Bank Ltd.

The funds range from £150 to £1000 that could rise to £3000. The rate was set at 29.9% APR, but this has recently been increased to 39.9% (as at Vanquis). This post references since all of their financial services are headlined here, with only the application form and summary being integrated at that is SSL secure. The account login is ran outside at The Argos Credit Card is new for 2012 in partnership with Vanquis, but they did previously have one setup with Barclaycard. The cost was the initial unique selling point of this new product, but now that the price has been raised there is no reason to use them over Vanquis.

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Argos Credit Card