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The Aquis credit card runs on the Vanquis subdomain at with their about page stating that this card was launched in the year 2009. The Aquis credit card is headed as the Aquis Visa Card and it shares many of the same characteristics as the main Vanquis release. This includes for example the same maximum £1000 credit limit that in time can rise up to a maximum figure of £3000. The difference in place here is the highly competitive rate considering that this is a poor credit card. This rate stands today at 29.8% APR. It looks to be packaged as a credit building card, but you can imagine them being a little more strict with who they choose to accept based on that decent rate.

The application made at will be secured by SSL encryption and it does state that account management is provided although their customers will be directed to for this. Aquis will keep you notified with SMS updates that is an added touch. This is an impressive product from Vanquis Bank (part of Provident Financial Plc) that as noted sits at 29.8% APR. What is interesting here is that the Barclaycard Initial is a smidge higher at 29.9% APR and the Argos branded card (that is funded by Vanquis) is also 29.9%. This shows that it has been important for Vanquis to stand clear as the very cheapest poor credit card in the UK today. Just to add that they provide a contact form for all correspondence.

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Aquis Credit Card