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Access Fast Money (AccessFastMoney) is a direct payday lender that launched recently in 2012 with this brand being a trading name of Access Mortgage Underwriting Ltd who are based in Bournemouth. I noticed in their FAQ that they state that they don’t carry out a credit check and will notify you if they need to make one. When you apply at the application form is redirected to The cash amounts on the form range from £100 to £250 (update: just £100 or £150 is now available). The interest charge is set at 30% and so you would pay £30 per £100 borrowed from them. They headline both a 48 hour loan (no charge) and a same day loan (£25 transfer charge).

This same day charge looks to be a CHAPS payment. The Access Fast Money site over at is quite basic at this time, although they are new and so developments are expected in the future. There is no account login feature and no SSL encryption that will both hopefully be integrated soon. The lack of a credit check may interest many people to proceed with a Access Fast Money loan. If so, then it would be recommended to take their 48 hour option to avoid the expensive charge. As noted, this must be a CHAPS payment since most lenders use the Faster Payments Service that costs around £5. Just to add that a recent development has been that each applicant must now be above the age of 21.

Access Fast Money