6 Towns Credit Union @ www.sixtowns.co.uk

6 Towns Credit Union (often styled as 6Towns) is located at www.sixtowns.co.uk that was setup back in 2005. This trade union serves people that live or work in the Sandwell area (West Midlands). The 6 Towns Credit Union loans are for members only and are available as either a payday loan or there are larger loans over extended periods. All of these West Midlands loans have a 26.8% APR charge that is the legal limit for trade unions. The payday product equates to a 2% monthly charge with 6 Towns showing a £2.01 charge per £100 and they also charge £1 for membership that is deducted from the funds sent. They state that £80 to £250 will be available to new customers with £400 being possible for return customers.

They don’t provide detailed information surrounding their extended loan product. These will require an appointment to be made whereby various supporting documentation will also need to be taken. The shorter loan on the other hand can be processed by simply sending their form that can be found within their “Payday Loans” section. You need to be working, but they state that poor credit may be accepted and funds can be transferred within 24 hours. Account login and SSL is used at www.sixtowns.co.uk. Their email address is info@sixtowns.co.uk and their contact number is 0121 553 3110. These Sandwell loans from 6 Towns Credit Union look impressive, although hopefully they’ll provide a more clearer section dedicated to their loans, since you have to jump around pages to find pieces of information.

6 Towns Credit Union