247Moneybox @ www.247moneybox.com

247Moneybox (247 Moneybox) is a direct payday lender that has been providing monthly loans since arriving on the scene back in 2009. This is a brand from Active Securities Ltd that operates via www.247moneybox.com that is one of the more refined looking payday sites in the sector. First time customers can apply for small loans between £80 and £200 with a much larger £800 being possible for existing customers who have proven themselves to them. One of the notable things about 247Moneybox is that their loans are certainly on the expensive side if you are looking for a payday loan to be delivered within a few hours. They have a same day transfer fee of £20 and this fee also attracts further interest on it.

There was a 247Moneybox promo code box, but since the site design has changed, this is no longer displayed. When it comes to a standard loan you would pay 1.2% daily interest and so over 30 days would pay £36, but there is also a £0.12 validation fee. When you choose same day funding, you as noted pay £20 and interest is also charged on this fee. The overall cost would be £63.32 per £100. The www.247moneybox.com site has a notable design and it has always included an account login and SSL security. This payday lender that is a member of the BCCA trade association lists their contact details as customer.services@247moneybox.com for email and 0871 423 8247 for phone support. Their customer support is closed on a Sunday, but they process fast funding 24/7.