123 Debt Solutions @ www.123debtsolutions.co.uk

123 Debt Solutions (123DebtSolutions) is a popular debt management company based in Liverpool that operates at www.123debtsolutions.co.uk. They launched in the year 2006 with debt management plans (DMPs) being their speciality. Other than DMPs, they do work on individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) and even bankruptcy cases. In regards to the costs involved here, there is no setup fee with the regular charge sitting around 12% of the monthly repayment that is better than many of their competitors who usually take around 17% or so. It will be interesting to compare rates when a large pool of debt management companies have been introduced here to see the top performing names. The popular PayPlan is of course free and so the quality of that service will need to be looked at in detail.

Although there are more recognisable debt management names operating today, 123 Debt Solutions are a notable emerging company who have enjoyed consistent growth, with a news source stating that they are taking on more than 1000 new clients each month. The www.123debtsolutions.co.uk site is SSL secure and it does includes account login for each client. Communication is always critical when creditors are screaming down the phone and this firm can impressively be contacted every day of the week and so should be able to conduct the process quickly. They list a free number (for landline calls) that can reached on 0808 22 22 123. The 123 Debt Solutions reviews studied have been very positive and they do overall look to be an ideal team to fix those mounting alarming debts.

123 Debt Solutions