100 Day Loans @ www.100dayloans.co.uk

100 Day Loans (100DayLoans) is a broker that can be reached at www.100dayloans.co.uk that launched locally in the year 2011. The 100 Day Loans brand itself arises from the USA in Scottsdale where they started out at www.100dayloans.com back in 2009. 100 Day Loans UK has a partnership in place with QuickQuid who are one of the leading UK payday lenders. Based on the characteristics of the detailed loans here, it is QuickQuid that is the single lender used here. This is clear from studying the matched cash amounts, the interest charges and the term duration. These cash amounts are £50 to £1000 (£1500 as a return customer). The interest range is set between £10 and £14.75 for every £50 borrowed.

This interest works out at £20, £25 or £29.50 per £100 that is the range used over at QuickQuid. The term range is 1 or 2 months that is the same as the lender. I’m not sure why they use the 100 day branding since they aren’t offering 3 month loans. Perhaps they do over in the United States where they are based. As an update: QuickQuid now offers a term of 3 months, although this is not referenced by this broker in their charges page yet. The local www.100dayloans.co.uk site does use SSL encryption and they do provide all of the need to know information surrounding their operations. They are a popular name in their home country and despite only setting up in the UK recently are already becoming a recognisable company with coverage on many local payday loan sites.

100 Day Loans