Welcome Finance @ www.wfs.co.uk

Welcome Finance (WelcomeFinance) was one of the most well known bad credit personal loan lenders in the UK that is no longer active. They are homed at www.wfs.co.uk that was initially registered back in the year 1997. Welcome Financial Services Ltd is owned by Cattles Plc and still runs the Shopacheck doorstep loan brand. Welcome Finance loans came to an end in 2009 when they became bankrupt and according to a BBC article had debts at the time that outweighed their assets by over £1 billion. There is currently a notice on their site regarding Welcome Loans UK who trade at www.welcomeloansuk.com. This notice makes it clear that they are not associated with them and that they have tried to contact them in order for them to clarify this themselves.

You can understand any confusion between these companies with the problem at Welcome Loans UK being that there will be a £79.99 broker fee in place before any loans are arranged. Moving back to the lender in question, there is little information surrounding their past loans, with the main info on www.wfs.co.uk advising past customers how they can clear old debts with them. They were known to take on high risk clients, had expensive rates in place and were also well known for pushing on payment protection insurance (PPI) policies. Due to the legal rulings in place here, I am unsure if we will see Welcome Finance rise once again, but they are as noted active today via Shopacheck where doorstep loans up to £1000 are possible.

Welcome Finance