Weekend Payday Loans (Saturday and Sunday)

Many payday lenders operate their service between standard business hours only from a Monday to a Friday. A lender is more likely to provide Saturday payday loans over Sunday payday loans that is the most frequent day of closure (Bank Holidays are typically taken off as well). There are of course some lenders (particularly the major names) that operate every single day of the week. Within this time they will be taking calls and verifying new applications. There has of course always been a demand for weekend payday loans when someone may need some cash to be transferred over in a few hours time. This could perhaps be required to cover a night out on the town or maybe some emergency cash to fix something broken in the house.

Many of the new text loan lenders strictly operate from Monday to Friday and will only verify loan applications between their open hours. The human underwriting element is not the case with all companies. For instance, with Wonga they have a system that will score the application and verify the funds to be sent within just a few hours. At TxtLoan a nice touch in place here is that once a loan is repaid back you will be auto-approved for a new loan that just needs a button to be ticked to send the cash across within a few hours. Each lender has different systems in place with one recommendation being to apply for weekend payday loans with a broker who will feed the application to multiple lenders.

This will hopefully pick out someone who is ready to pay out there and then. When it comes to Saturday payday loans and Sunday payday loans, being able to contact the support team will be very important. The posts here at Send Me Dosh are being continually updated to become more thorough and one improvement in time will be to reference all of the opening times of each lender and we will be digging into just which companies are best when it comes to a fully automated payouts around the clock. At this time, Wonga would get the thumbs here since they have their automated process. As well as this, their call centre never closes and so there is always someone to deal with a new or existing application.