WageMe @ www.wageme.com

WageMe (Wage Me) is a payday lender that launched at www.wageme.com recently in the summer of 2012. The WageMe loans range between £50 and £400 with there being a possible sum of £750 for past customers. When it comes to the pricing on these monthly loans, they charge £39 per £100 and a note besides shows an optional fast transfer fee of £15. I did notice that there is a WageMe promo code box that would likely be for this transfer fee. I did look around for this WageMe promo code, but couldn’t find any details on their Facebook and Twitter pages (or elsewhere). Despite not being active for much time, this company has already picked up a following and has plenty of positive feedback on consumer review sites such as Trustpilot.

The costs are expensive here when you consider than there are many payday lenders that can provide a monthly payday loan with a same day transfer that would cost under the 30% bracket. The WageMe site at www.wageme.com has been designed well and there is a WageMe login in place, as well as SSL. This lender appears to trade on working days only. You can contact this London-based payday lender on the phone number of 0207 993 0742 or by email at the address of getintouch@wageme.com. Although it is early days for this company, they do look to have started off well. Their pricing will of course have to be improved to compete with the leading names with their same day total charge equating to £54 per £100.