Wage Day Advance @ www.wagedayadvance.co.uk

Wage Day Advance (WageDay Advance) is a monthly payday loan lender that launched back in 2004 and operates today at www.wagedayadvance.co.uk. This Skipton-based payday loan lender has become a popular name over the years that has been aided by frequent recent TV ads for their loan service. You can apply here for between £80 and £300 as a new customer, although they stretch to £750 for existing customers. The interest rate is currently fixed at £29.50 on every £100 borrowed. You will have to add on an additional £15 for a same day payday loan, otherwise you can just wait a few days to receive the cash for free. They haven’t released a Wage Day Advance discount code that would help to reduce the fast transfer fee.

You can reach their customer support team by email at info@wagedayadvance.co.uk or alternatively by phone at the number of 0871 703 7777. The www.wagedayadvance.co.uk site itself has lacked account management integration over the years, but this has recently been added that has been good to see. As well as being an experienced payday lender, they are a trusted name and hold membership with two trade associations including the BCCA and also the CCA. Wage Day Advance have always positioned themselves as a lender that accepts a high percentage of the applications made with them. They did for a good while headline no credit check payday loans, although from their FAQ it was clear that they did carry out a search although this was the purpose of verification only.

Wage Day Advance