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V5 Loans (V5Loans) is a logbook lender based in London that has been active at www.v5loans.co.uk since 2008. V5 Loans is a recognisable company within this niche although there are several more popular logbook lenders than them. Within their Facts section there is a note regarding no credit checks, but this is not mentioned in their promotions or anywhere else across the site that is unusual to see. They do certainly make it clear that a poor credit rating is not a problem with them though. The loans on offer here range from £500 to a maximum figure of £20,000. They aren’t clear about the charges involved and just provide one such example whereby a £1500 loan for 78 weeks would cost £2888.28 (total repayment of £4388.28).

However, you can save by paying early with £1861.40 being headlined for a month that is a reasonable charge of £361.40 that works out at around £25 per £100. They aren’t specific regarding the available terms, but are obviously flexible since they do allow you to clear the balance after a month or several if required. They state that they will meet you at home or at their office. The V5 Loans site at www.v5loans.co.uk has a vibrant look, but does lack account login and SSL features. Their contact number is 0800 999 5555 and email contact is loans@v5loans.co.uk should you wish to reach them. I couldn’t track down any V5 Loans reviews, but do they seem to be a good outfit and are a member of the CCTA.

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