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UK Lenders Alliance (UKLendersAlliance) can be reached today at that was launched in 2011. This brand is a trading name of Cash Choice UK Ltd who were previously active as Cash Choice at that now redirects to UK Lenders Alliance. The Cash Choice site was registered in 2001 and updated in 2007 and so would have launched in any of these years. Moving back to UK Lenders Alliance, you will be offered here 6 month loans spanning from £100 to £600 with £1000 being possible for trusted customers. Whilst with Lending Stream a 30% cut is taken, the instalment payments here start much larger. Despite this, an overall £106.45 per £100 charge over the full period would be in place that works out at £17.74 each month.

You can wait a few days on a slower transfer or opt for same day funding at a £15 charge. They don’t state that you can clear your balance early to make savings and so there does look to be a fixed 6 month term. Customers can manage their loan from their account at that does use SSL. UK Lenders Alliance is a listed member of the BCCA trade association and looks to have covered most angles well. This 6 month loan lender has locations in both London and Manchester. Their listed email contact is and they can also be reached by phone on 0800 206 1200. Just to add that each applicant must be earning a monthly income of at least £900 to qualify.

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£20.24 per £100 (20.24%) = 0.675% daily (#3 for 6 month payday loans).

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