TxtLoan @ www.txtloan.co.uk

TxtLoan Rebranded as MyJar in 2013. See this post for their new details.

TxtLoan (Txt Loan) is a popular short term lender that launched their impressive service at www.txtloan.co.uk in the year 2008. This London-based lender has over the years grown to become the most popular text lender in the UK via their instant text service that works extremely well, although their product does lacks the flexibility that you will find elsewhere on the market today. To explain this, this lender only offers funds for the set period of 15 days with no possible extensions to this. As a brand new customer you are also restricted to receive just £100, although once you repay funds with them then you will start to climb their trust ladder whereby a maximum figure of £500 will eventually be possible (each level rises by £100).

£100 cash itself would come with a £17 charge that does include a quick transfer within just a few hours time. TxtLoan does deserve praise for their impressive service available at www.txtloan.co.uk that comes in a unique orange theme, equipped with account login and SSL security. A key feature in place is that once cash has been repaid to them, you will instantly be able to request more funds to be sent to your bank (requesting by text comes with added charges). These requests can be made at any time and the funds are as noted quickly delivered. All new applications are quickly dealt with since they operate every day of the week. They haven’t released a promo code as yet, but already provide a free transfer.

Short Term Lenders (below 30 days)

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