Txt2Payday @ www.txt2payday.co.uk

Txt2Payday (Txt 2 Payday) is a company arising from EPL Web Solutions Ltd who are based in London. Txt2Payday is one such brand of many with the most notable one of them being Payday Kong. Moving to the site in question, Txt2Payday can be accessed via www.txt2payday.co.uk that was launched in the year 2010. This site is designed in the shape of a mobile phone and this company is commonly associated with SMS marketing (their affiliates do this). Strangely, the loan itself doesn’t appear to carry any relation to a text loan. This will be a monthly payday loan, most likely that can be applied for from your computer only. The application made here is fed to multiple lenders with no names specified.

In regards to the promoted loans, the minimum amount starts at £80 and shoots up to £1000. You will have to pay £25 interest on every £100 borrowed, although this fee along with any other charges will of course depend on the lender that they match you to. You can reach Txt2Payday at the email contact of customers@eplwebsolutions.co.uk that looks to deal with the enquiries for all of their brands (there is no phone support provided). The site of www.txt2payday.co.uk is not SSL secure, but the application form that they present has an attached security badge. This application form itself is simply a third party iframe form that will feed an application to a large panel of lenders to hopefully track down someone willing to take on the applicant.