Tide U Over @ www.tideuover.com

Tide U Over (TideUOver) is a new payday lender based in Cardiff that operates today from www.tideuover.com. This domain was devised back in 2010, although I believe that this lender launched recently in 2012. The Tide U Over loans range from £100 to £500 (£400 for new customers). Their calculator displays a term range between 10 and 30 days. This appears to generally work around when your next pay date is though. To cover the costs involved, £100 over the full month (30 days) would cost £35 that does include a same day transfer. Be aware that payments are only made between their operational hours (Monday to Friday). The Tide U Over payday loans are only introduced on a few payday review sites at this time.

Due to this, there aren’t any reviews floating around for this company at this time that makes it difficult to judge their loan service. The www.tideuover.com site includes a customer login and all applications taken will be fully secured. The listed contact number is 0845 838 8469 and their email contact is admin@tideuover.com. The cost of these loans is fair when you consider that the same day transfer is included. This fee is priced at £5 and so you are paying 1% daily when it comes to the interest. A good feature here is that they are charging interest on a daily basis and so if your payday is in 27 days then you will pay for this period only (some competitors apply a full monthly charge).

Tide U Over