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THL Direct (THLDirect) runs at and is based in Bournemouth. This is a trading name of Total Home Loans Direct Ltd with this company also running the Fancy a Payday brand. THL Direct arrived in 2008 with this lender not really making much of an impact within these trading years. At one time they offered loans between £100 and £250 with there now being a set loan of £150 only. The interest works out at £30 per £100 and so this would equate to a £45 charge for the set £150 loan that is in place here. The same day transfer will cost £25, but there is also a 30% charge on the transfer fee and so you can add on a further £7.50 to the pricing.

Those noted £7.50, £25 and £45 fees would create an overall cost of £77.50 for this £150 loan (translates to £62.50 per £100). The transfer fee is headed as “If Required”, but the expensive charges look to be forced unless you actually got to speak directly to a member of staff there. There is no account login feature provided and no SSL used at You can reach them by email at (the URL for this redirects to their mortgage site). They also list the phone number of 0871 288 3494. The requirements in place here do stand on the strict side with each applicant being required to be above 21 years old and they must be earning a full time income of at least £900 per month.

THL Direct