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The Money Shop (TheMoneyShop) stands as the leading payday lender on the high street owning in the region of 550 stores across the UK. They are classed here as an introducer though since they pass their online loans on. The Money Shop operates at and is today owned by DFC Global Corp (previously Dollar Financial Corp) who also owns Payday Express and Payday UK. Although the referenced domain was registered in 2004, they date back much further, opening their initial store in Nottingham in 1996. Once you reach The Money Shop site you will be offered the choice of a payday loan instore or online. The Money Shop did introduce with Payday Express, but they have now setup and use both Payday Express and Payday UK.

Strangely though they offer an improved rate to each of them at £27.99 per £100. This is the same rate for their store loans, but you can get a cheaper store loan if you have a chequebook (£23.44 per £100). To cover their high street loans, you need to take in your bank card with various forms of ID and a wageslip. They previously offered loans with a chequebook at £10 per £100 and so the prices have certainly shot up. The Money Shop is a CFA trade association member. They as noted now use that is SSL secure. These online loans do come with a same day transfer that will be sent out on any day of the week.

The Money Shop