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The StepChange Debt Charity (commonly just termed as StepChange) is a recent switch in 2012 for the company that was previously known as the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS). The previous address of now heads to their new home at This debt charity was launched back in 1993 and they have today come a long way, stating that they currently manage unsecured debts above £3.7 billion. Although they are tuned to provide guidance to those that need it, they are specifically known for their free debt management plan. The free StepChange debt management plan is competing with PayPlan who are the other major brand to offer a completely free service. Free debt help can be accessed by phone or from checking out their “Debt Information and Advice” section.

Here you will find a wealth of useful resources covering such topics as budgeting, court proceedings, debt recovery agencies and so on. All of the help and services available at are funded by various contributions made from leading names within the credit industry (Barclays and HSBC appear to be notable contributors). Should you take on a debt management plan here then you will be able to manage it with them 24/7 within OnlineDMP that is SSL secure. Other services such as debt relief orders and individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) are also available.Their contact number is 0800 138 1111 that is live from Monday to Friday and also throughout a portion of Saturday. Whilst many charities have free numbers for landlines only, this number does include free mobile calls.