Speedy Dosh @ www.speedydosh.com

Speedy Dosh (SpeedyDosh) has been providing payday loans since 2010. They can be reached at www.speedydosh.com and are based in London. Although they haven’t been around for a long time, this lender has developed a loyal fan base and they deliver an impressive loan service. The loans that you can apply for as a customer (new or existing) will stretch from £100 to £450. A main feature of this lender is their cost that works out at £25 when you borrow £100. An additional £5 speedy transfer fee will be required, although you can take this away with a Speedy Dosh promo code. If you can do that then you will receive that fixed 25% rate that puts them up there with the best of them.

The www.speedydosh.com domain is SSL secure and when you take out a loan with them this can be controlled within an account login 24/7. Their contacts include customercare@speedydosh.com for emails, whilst their phone number is listed as 08448 797191. The reviews across the web for this company have so far been positive and they do hold membership with the CCTA trade association. It is quite rare to see a maximum cash sum of £450 being in place, but this will at least be a manageable figure to control. There are additional extensions allowed if required. As noted above, it will be important to track down their promo code to receive their generous rate. From searching the web I haven’t been able to find a code myself (will keep checking).

Speedy Dosh