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Speedy Cash (SpeedyCash) arises from SRC Transatlantic Ltd and can be accessed today at www.speedycash.com. This company notes roots of 1997 although they have been operating online since 2002 where they served their home country in the USA (they entered the UK market in 2010). Their local HQ sits in Nottingham and the Speedy Cash stores are now frequently popping up on many UK high streets (they have 23). You can receive either their standard monthly loan (between £100 and £500) costing £25 per £100 (25%) or you can alternatively opt for their Flex product that differs with a possible £1000 for existing customers and flexible terms (the term is 12 months, but you can pay up at any time). I have placed them in the Payday Lenders category for their monthly loan.

This is in light of the Flex product working out very expensive over the full 12 month term. Their Flex loan charge after 30 days would be £22.92 per £100, however a £25.02 minimum payment is required. Both loan types from this BCCA member do come with a free speedy transfer. The www.speedycash.com site has account login built in and is secured by SSL. The listed contacts include customersupport@speedycash.com for email support and 0808 168 3652 for any phone support. Their stores are open from Monday to Saturday (some are open on a Sunday) where they offer alternative services such as buying cash for gold and logbook loans. There is no note that bank statements are required offline, but a payslip should be taken to them.

Payday Lenders (30 days)

Top 10 Cheapest Payday Loans: Speedy Cash

£25 per £100 (25%) = 0.833% daily (#4 for payday loans).

Speedy Cash