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The Shout credit card is one of the newer credit card brands on the scene. This product can be applied for at that was setup in early 2012. Shout is a trading name of R Raphael & Sons Plc, with the card servicing coming from CCUK Finance Ltd and the site ownership belonging to Credit Benefit Services LLC. This is exactly the same setup that is in place with the Rise credit card. From studying the loan specifics, there are no differences in that regard either. As the case at Rise, you will be paying a set charge depending on your monthly balance. A £0 balance will be £3.50, (£0.01 to £100) will be £15, (£100.01 to £200) will be £30 and (£200.01 to £300) will be £45.

£300 is the maximum sum of credit available here. The Shout credit card has a £20 activation fee that will then be later available to spend. The application taken at will be fully secure, although you won’t be able to login to manage the card from one day to the next. The listed contact number is 0844 993 1020 and email contact is There is no difference whether you should chose the Rise or the Shout card. Each of these cards are appealing when you compare them to most monthly payday loans. This is in light of a £100 monthly balance having a £15 charge (15%). There are small cash transaction fees and so you should really look to use the card for purchases only.

Compare Credit Cards for Bad Credit: Shout Credit Card

Shout Credit Card