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Remedy Loans (RemedyLoans) is a brand of Click4profit Ltd that launched recently in 2012 at This direct lender that is based in Bournemouth caters 6 month payday loans of amounts between £100 and £600 when you are new to them, but a possible £1000 is available to all existing customers. When it comes to the costs, they just provide a single example that is headed at 30% monthly. A sample £200 over the 6 month term has a repayable sum of £455.04 (£255.04 charge). Per £100 this would equate to a repayment of £227.52 (£127.52 charge). This monthly rate is close to 20% and so their 30% rate is being taken from a reducing balance. Optional same day funding comes at £15.

This would create an overall full repayment per £200 of £470.04 (£270.04 charge). The pricing offered by them sits on a similar level to Lending Stream (more expensive by a little). When applying at the SSL will not automatically show up and so you will have to add this yourself (HTTPS). There is a customer login feature provided. Remedy Loans do state that they are a BCCA member and it is made clear that you can clear your balance any time to make savings. It would be ideal to see more detailed information provided on their service. There is for instance no charges page and no FAQ page. For contact, their number is 0845 241 0820 and their email contact is listed as

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£23.75 per £100 (23.75%) = 0.79% daily (#7 for 6 month payday loans).

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