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Reddies Direct (ReddiesDirect) is a flexible payday lender that surfaced at in the summer of 2011. This brand has been put together by Danesfield Finance and Investments Ltd and is based in Bracknell. The Reddies Direct loans range from £100 to £200 for new customers, with £400 being available for return customers. The available terms are stretched from 1 to 30 days. From checking out their calculator, a £100 loan for 7 days was priced at £6.52 and this same loan over 30 days was priced at £27.95. It was good to see the charge sitting below 1% per day especially when you consider that there is no fast transfer fee in place. The 6.52% rate qualifies Reddies Direct as the cheapest short term loan lender.

An account login feature is integrated within the site that is also fully secure. You can login here at any time to clear the loan early that will work out cheaper with the interest being charged daily. To contact this lender, you can reach them by email at or on the number of 0845 519 7710. This has been a low key advertiser since their launch back in 2011. With recent coverage on many of the leading payday loan review sites, Reddies Direct is now attracting the attention that they do deserve. The flexibility and low cost provided here makes this an interesting company to follow. Just to add that this lender has now become a member of the CCTA.

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Top 10 Cheapest Short Term Loans: Reddies Direct

£6.52 per £100 (6.52%) = 0.931% daily (#1 for short term loans).

Reddies Direct