Quid24 @ www.quid24.com

Quid24 (Quid 24) is a flexible text loan lender based in London that launched back in 2009 at www.quid24.com. When they first started trading they released set 7 day £100 text loans. They have now upgraded this to offer a much more flexibility loan service in recent times. The funds now range from £100 to £1000 (£300 new customers) with flexible terms sitting from 1 to 30 days. In regards to the charges in place here, the interest rate will always sit at just below 1% per day. To provide an example, for 7 days a £100 loan would cost £6.90 or for 30 days this same £100 loan would cost £29.59. Aside from this interest rate, you’ll have to add on their fast transfer fee of £5.

There has never been a Quid24 promo code released to reduce this transfer fee. Sending texts will cost you extra and so you may wish to save on charges here by making requests from your computer. Their listed email address is support@quid24.com and their phone number is 0871 950 5575. This lender does only operate during usual business hours and so new applications at the weekend will see delays. When just checking, the Quid24 loans site at www.quid24.com has had a recent makeover that looks professionally done (it has always included account login and SSL). This is certainly an emerging company in the UK, although there aren’t too many reviews floating around for them at this time that makes it difficult to judge their loan service from the customer side.

Short Term Lenders (below 30 days)

Top 10 Cheapest Short Term Loans: Quid24

£11.90 per £100 (11.9%) = 1.7% daily (#9 for short term loans).