QuickQuid Promo Code 2013

This post will cover the current active QuickQuid promo code 2013. The QuickQuid promo code has of course always been very popular since this lender has been one of the leading names for payday loans in the UK. What adds to the high demand is that they are one of the most frequent payday lenders to run TV adverts across daytime TV and they do always headline various promo codes within them. There appears to be a few promo codes available for them at this time, with the one in question discounting 25% of the loan fees. I have been aware of a 50% QuickQuid promo, but this is not allowed to be published. Each and every QuickQuid promo code that I have studied is unfortunately valid for first time customers only.

Unlike many payday lenders here in the UK, QuickQuid actually has a range of interest charges in place. There will be three interest tiers based on the customer’s personal credit score. To use the example of the interest cost per £100 borrowed, this would usually stand at either £20, £25 or £29.50. The 25% promo code attached today will reduce these charges and turn them into either £15, £18.75 or £22.125 (£22.13). These are the only charges you will have to worry about, since they provide a free same day transfer. In regards to the QuickQuid promo code, you will find here two such codes that will each work the same way in providing the same 25% reduction. You can use either (AFF25) or (QQ25) as the QuickQuid promo code 2013.