Purple Payday @ www.purplepayday.com

Purple Payday (PurplePayday) is a popular payday loan broker brand in the UK. This is a release from Pingtree Ltd who also runs the lesser well known 247 Cashline, Last Minute Payday and The Express Loan sites. Outside of this, they are well known for their Pingtree service that is used by a large range of payday loan broker and lead sites. The Pingtree simply feeds a payday loan application lead to a pool of direct lenders where they’ll look for the first company to accept. This company that is based in Macclesfield launched back in 2008 and they can be found at the address of www.purplepayday.com and also www.purplepayday.co.uk. The dot com is more popular and so it has been referenced for this posting today.

The headlined monthly loans range from £100 to £750 in the FAQ, although £50 to £1000 is listed on their application form. A 25% rate is displayed that equates to a £25 per £100 charge. This should only be used as a rough guide though as the Pingtree service has a large pool of around 30 or so direct lenders that carry varied rates. The Purple Payday loan contacts have changed since I last checked them. There is now just an email address listed of customer.satisfaction@namepayday.co.uk. The www.purplepayday.com site is not SSL secure (the local UK site is although you have to enter HTTPS in the bar yourself). Regardless, there is no doubt that Purple Payday has been one of the leading broker brands aided by the Pingtree service.

Purple Payday