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Priority Money Club (PriorityMoneyClub) is a broker that initially reached the market in 2010 and they are an emerging name from my studies being an extensive advertiser online. The application and loan details for this company are headed at whilst they additionally use the local domain of specifically for customer account login only. This loan broker that is based in Leeds headlines personal loans that span from £500 to £5000 with a noted repayment term from 3 to 60 months. There is a clear note that bad credit is welcomed, that tenants are accepted and that no guarantor will be required to support the application. No specific lenders are mentioned with a sample 55.9% APR figure being displayed (this rate is for a 60 month term).

The loan application for Priority Money Club taken at will be made over a secure SSL connection. There is no SSL used over on their local domain though where the customer’s account is managed. One of the issues with the Priority Money Club loans is their broker fee in place. This fee is not clearly referenced anywhere on the site with this charge standing at £69. They act on your behalf over 10 weeks and will refund the fee (minus £5) if they can’t find you a loan within this time. If paid in error I believe you can get the money back if cancelled within 14 days. Priority Money Club loans are as noted frequently advertised online and they have been quickly gathering popularity in light of this.

Priority Money Club