Pounds Till Payday @ www.mypoundstillpayday.co.uk

Pounds Till Payday (PoundsTillPayday) has valued experience here in the UK with this lender arriving back in 2006. This brand is a trading name of Northway Broker Ltd with the loans being funded by Northway Financial Corporation Ltd (They are setup as both a broker and a lender). You may be aware of their Swift Sterling brand that has been covered here at an earlier date. Northway is based in Sliema (Malta) and runs lending sites in various countries, which is likely why they have a broker division in place. This lender operates at www.mypoundstillpayday.co.uk that strangely references “PoundsTillPayday.co.uk” across it. When you attempt to log in to your account on this site you will actually be redirected over to www.poundstillpayday.co.uk though that is used for login only.

Every other menu button on that site will redirect you back to the main site. The Pounds Till Payday Loans range from £100 to £200 (£1000 for existing customers). The interest charge per £100 is £29.98. There is no transfer fee charge with them stating that the funds should arrive the next day. The www.mypoundstillpayday.co.uk domain is not secured by SSL encryption, but the other www.poundstillpayday.co.uk domain is although it is as noted only used for account management. Their email contact is customercare@poundstillpayday.co.uk and the contact number is 08000 32 76 55. They can be reached Monday to Saturday and are a member of the CCTA trade association. As with Swift Sterling, all applications must be finalised by phone.

Pounds Till Payday