PiggyBank @ www.piggy-bank.co.uk

PiggyBank (Piggy Bank) follows in the footsteps of The Lending Well in providing a peer-to-peer payday loan service. This brand from DJS (UK) Ltd operates from www.piggy-bank.co.uk that is an old domain although the actual launch looks to have come in 2012. This was the same year as The Lending Well although PiggyBank is even to this day still in development stages. They offer the same 12% return to those looking to lend. As I am aware, they have been lending their own cash in BETA stage until enough lenders have signed up with them. The PiggyBank loans range from £50 to £500 that move up in increments of just £1 with £1000 being possible in time. The term range can be anything from 7 days to 42 days.

A £100 loan for 7 days would cost £12.29. There will be £5.34 interest here (below 1% per day) and then there is £6.95 that is noted as fees. Only a portion of this cost is for the transfer with the rest being for specific checks conducted by them. PiggyBank loans will be cheaper than The Lending Well for a same day loan, although with The Lending Well it would be a little cheaper with a slow transfer. Account login and SSL are used at www.piggy-bank.co.uk that has a vibrant design. PiggyBank loans provide flexibility to borrowers and a further chance to make money from P2P lending to add alongside The Lending Well and Zopa. For contact you can reach them by email on help@piggy-bank.co.uk or by phone on 0800 206 1560.