Peachy Loans Promo Code 2013

Peachy Loans ranked in the 2nd spot as the cheapest short term loan lender in the recent comparison posting made and so it has been important to cover the Peachy Loans promo code 2013 that discounts the fast transfer fee that is usually priced at £5 that I believe is usually reduced from the sent funds. Peachy only charges 1% per day interest and so you would for example only be required to pay £14 should you wish to borrow £100 over 14 days. Most of the high demand for payday loan promo codes is for QuickQuid and Wonga. The Peachy promo code isn’t that popular at this time and not too many people may even also be aware of this impressive lender since they only launched in 2011.

You do expect them to become a premier name over the coming years though that has a lot to do with their impressive loan flexibility. The terms can range from 5 to 31 days, but an added feature is that you can select multiple repayment dates. The owner was one of the founders of the popular TxtLoan service and so this company certainly knows the workings of a successful short term loan. To cover the Peachy Loans promo code 2013, all you have to do is enter (WEEKEND) on the promo code box on the homepage. I am not too sure if this is for new customers only. I assume it may cater everyone since it was posted on their Facebook page where they provide their customers with regular incentives.