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PayPlan (Pay Plan) has quickly grown to become of the leading debt management companies today that is homed at This particular domain was only registered in 2010 although this company has around 19 years experience, helping over 1 million people with debts across the UK. What has been key to the success of this brand from Totemic Ltd has been that they offer free debt management plans. The individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) are also free (although these do of course come with standard legal fees). Free debt assistance is another key offering to those people struggling to keep control of those debts that have been stacking up. PayPlan manages to offer their services for free by taking on donations from leading credit companies in the industry.

The site has been headed today, but customers will actually become acquainted with PayPlanPlus located at where the account is managed that is also SSL secure. You can reach PayPlan either for debt help or for proceeding with any of their free services by contacting them on 0800 280 2816 that is free for landlines and is active from Monday to Friday and also throughout Saturday daytime. It may be questioned whether you will be receiving the best possible debt assistance here, since the company has little financial incentive to make arrangements. As far as I can tell though, they have always been extremely well received in the industry, although the majority of their competitors who all charge fees may not be their biggest fans.