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Payday UK (PaydayUK) has been one of the leading lenders over the past several years. This is a brand from MEM Consumer Finance Ltd that is today owned by DFC Global Corp who has further local brands on their roster such as Payday Express and The Money Shop stores. Payday UK was launched in 2003 and can be accessed at that has a professional design and is of course equipped with account login and secure SSL encryption. The loans available currently range between £100 and £1000. There is no official first time customer restriction in place although you may see approved sums maxed out to £400 or £500. One thing to note is that you must be paid monthly to qualify for a loan here.

Payday UK’s main competitor over the years has been QuickQuid, with both of these brands being owned by companies arising from the USA. Wonga has been the closest British-based lender to take some market share. The current loan charge at is set per £100 at £29.95 that does include a same day transfer. They have never chosen to release promo codes for their loan service. Their email contact is and their contact number is 0871 271 6111. This company has a good track record and currently holds CFA membership. Of all the competing lenders, it is this one that has always been favoured the most by Google. They also run extensive TV ad campaigns that has aided them to maintain their major payday lender status.

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£29.95 per £100 (29.95%) = 0.998% daily (#9 for payday loans).

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