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Payday Pig (PaydayPig) is a broker based in London with the company itself belonging to Stop Go Networks Ltd who also run Cash Cow Now, My Big Fat Payday, Payday Gap and various other brands. The Payday Pig company is the most popular one of the bunch though that arrived in 2011. This makes them still a relatively new player on the scene, but they have pushed forward quite an aggressive marketing strategy over the past year and so have picked up plenty of popularity. The Payday Pig site was located at, but this now redirects to This site has an impressive design with good branding that is also the case with their other owned sites. These monthly Payday Pig loans can stretch from £100 to £1000.

As with many brokers, they headline a rate of 25% of the total loan amount borrowed that would equate to £25 per £100. The given rate will of course depend entirely on who they match you up with though and no data is provided on their lender panel at this time. There is no Payday Pig contact number or email address listed and so should you wish to reach them then you will have to use their contact form for this. The site is not SSL secure, but on the apply page you may notice the secured badge! When I checked this badge, the security was strictly for Payday Gap that as noted in the first passage is another company from Stop Go Networks Ltd.

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