Payday Loans Like Wonga

Many people are looking to track down payday loans like Wonga. Traditional payday loans are taken over the full monthly term with a minimum cash level of for example £100. Wonga changed the game by offering a highly flexible loan service with terms that you can select between 1 and 44 days and the figures start at just £1. With such flexibility provided from this lender, it is no surprise to see the increasing demand for payday loans like Wonga. Recent comparisons conducted here split up the payday lenders and the short term lenders that have each been previously introduced. Those that were grouped as short term loan lenders either carried similar flexibility to Wonga in the terms provided or they had set terms below the monthly period.

These short term loan lenders of course carry the same transfer speed via the Faster Payments Service. You can check out this Comparison Here. From my own past research, I would advise on checking out Peachy Loans. They have a term range between 5 and 31 days with an added feature in the ability to select multiple repayment dates. Their cost is just 1% per day (£7 for a 7 day £100 loan) and although they have a transfer fee in place their new promo code that was recently covered here takes away this fee. I have also been impressed with the short term lenders H&T Payday Loans and also Quid24. Just to add that PoundAccess is the only lender like Wonga that offers figures starting at just £1.