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Payday First (PaydayFirst) arrived in 2008 with this brand being a trading name of CFO Lending Ltd. They also compete in the UK via their CFO Lending site that arrived in 2012, although they had already operated under Capital Finance One for some time there. Payday First itself at provides monthly loans between £75 and £600. Restrictions are usually made for new customers, although no figures are quoted. They display a rate of £36 per £100 that covers the interest and then there will be an additional same day transfer fee of £15 if you are in a hurry for cash. The costs offered here tend to change on a regular basis, but they have now been set to match the costs in place over at CFO Lending.

It will be difficult to manage a loan here with there being no account login at They do use SSL on every such application made though. This lender that has locations in both Essex and London can be reached by email at or by phone at 0208 045 1373. When checking the Payday First site just now, I noticed an “As Seen On TV” badge. I will look into this further as I haven’t spotted any coverage and their online popularity hasn’t changed much over the past few months. With no promo code available, it would be recommended to take their slow transfer option if you do wish to proceed with them, as £51 per £100 is a lot to pay for a monthly same day loan.

Payday First