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Payday Express (PaydayExpress) is a brand from Express Finance (Bromley) Ltd that is today controlled by DFC Global Corp who additionally run the popular lender Payday UK (MEM) and all of The Money Shop high street stores. For a long time, The Money Shop sent all of their leads to Payday Express, but they now additionally use Payday UK. This brand operates at that was setup in 2003, although they do reference that the company started trading in 1999 that may have initially been as a store. This brand is certainly experienced that may have been a major reason why DFC went in to buy them. From checking out their site I did notice that it has received a recent revamp that looks much better.

In previous years there was no Payday Express login at, but this feature is now integrated. You can initially apply for between £100 and £500, or when returning £750. The interest charge will be £32.99 per £100 that includes a same day transfer. As a returning customer you will have to pay for a speedy transfer though that comes at £15 (of just choose slow funding). They have an existing customer form that displays a promo code box that looks to be made to cut this fee. The Payday Express loans are sent every day, although their customer support team is closed on a Sunday. You can contact them by email at or by phone on 0800 652 4661. They currently hold membership with the CFA trade association.

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£32.99 per £100 (£32.99%) = 1.1% daily (#10 for payday loans).

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