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Update: When entering this site, you will now be redirected to their Kwik Cash brand. It looks like this is now a discontinued product.

Payday Direct (PaydayDirect) arises from PDB UK Ltd who are one of the leading brokers in the UK today and so PDB UK has already been featured in several postings here. Payday Direct at looks to be one of their mid-sized companies. When looking for their founding year, there was a note of 2008 in their FAQ, although the domain itself was originally registered in 2009. Their homepage states that £100 to £1200 will be available, although on their charges page they note a starting sum of £80. There is also a reference that first time borrowers will usually qualify for a maximum of £500. The Payday Direct loans come attached with a headlined 29% overall rate that would equate to a £29 per £100 charge.

The actual rate in place will of course be determined by the charge set by the partnered payday lender. There are no such lenders mentioned by them, although this broker does tend to use the leading names such as Payday UK and QuickQuid. The site has a clean and simple design that is similar to that of PDB UK’s Payday Bank does (before they had a makeover there). This site was SSL secure, but you had to enter HTTPS into the address bar manually for a secure connection. From checking now the SSL certificate has expired (will keep an eye out on this). You can reach Payday Direct on the phone number of 0843 5060 182 with the email contact of also being listed on the site.

Payday Direct