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Mr Lender (MrLender) is a recognisable payday provider in the UK today found at They don’t state when they launched and the domain is very old, but I did track down the owner’s Linkedin page that noted 2009 as the founding year. This is the only payday company belonging to PDL Finance Ltd that it has certainly been a popular name over the past few years with the company having listed addresses in Barnet and also Loughton. Mr Lender payday loans stretch from £80 and £500 for new customers and £750 is possible for those returning. They headline an interest rate of 30% (£30 per £100) that is an around average charge although there is also an admin fee of £7 in place on all funded loans.

You can opt for a slow transfer or you can opt for quick funding that will attract a further £10 fee (there is no Mr Lender promo code for this). The admin fee and fast transfer fee (if selected) will be discounted from the funds sent. As an update, for most days there will be the £30 per £100 charge, but if your payday is in 1-4 days then you will receive a 75% discount. For 5-9 days you will receive a 50% discount. The Mr Lender site at has great branding and does come with account login and secure SSL. There is no listed email, but you can reach them by the phone at 0208 502 1288 and their office is open 7 days. Finally, this lender holds CCTA membership.

Mr Lender